It's high time you passed your and became your most confident self, teacher.

What is the Explorer's Roadmap to C1?

The Roadmap is the solid path to get to your CAE certification and transform your professional and personal life. In a practical and objective way, you will get:

After this complete program, you will be more confident with your skills to be able to pass your Cambridge C1 Advanced exam and get anywhere you want — whether you’re aiming for a job at your dream school, feeling confident enough to teach higher levels or even just showing yourself that you can do it.


Teachers who are tired of postponing their certification and are ready to take up the challenge.

Teachers who are fed up with missing job opportunities for not having the required C1-level English qualification.

Teachers who want to boost and regain their confidence to teach higher levels with their validated C1-level English skills.

Teachers who have tried taking the C1 Advanced before and need the proper guidance to have a solid preparation and get their pass.

Teachers who have a consolidated C1 level of English and are ready to focus on the exam to get their pass.

What do I get from it?

The Roadmap is a learning experience made from all of Explore Your English preparatory courses and transformed into a complete map. You will get:

9 modules with contents for your PRE, WHILE and POST-preparation

+50 fixed objective recorded lessons​

A complete mock test + exam tasks

+30 resources and complementary materials

Module 1

The Starting Point

📌 Welcome: Understand how to navigate the map.

Module 2

Preparing for your journey 

📌 Setting up your preparation

📌 Tool 1

📌 Tool 2

📌 Tool 3

📌 Tool 4

Module 3

Your destination — the C1 Advanced exam

📌 Exam information

📌 Paper-based x Computer-basex exams

📌  Where and how to register

📌 Your first task

Module 4

The Reading & Use of English paper

📌 About Paper 1

📌 Part 1 Structure

📌 Part 1 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 Structure

📌 Part 2 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 3 Structure

📌 Part 3 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 4 Structure

📌 Part 4 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 5 Structure

📌 Part 5 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 6 Structure

📌 Part 6 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 7 Structure

📌 Part 7 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 8 Structure

📌 Part 8 Sample Analysis & Practice

Module 5

The Writing paper 

📌 About Paper 2

📌 Part 1 – Essay Structure

📌 Part 1 – Essay Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 – Letter/Email Structure

📌 Part 2 – Letter/Email Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 – Review Structure

📌 Part 2 – Review Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 – Proposal Structure

📌 Part 2 – Proposal Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 – Report Structure

📌 Part 2 – Report Analysis & Practice

📌 One more thing

Module 6

The Listening paper

📌 About Paper 3

📌 Part 1 Structure

📌 Part 1 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 2 Structure

📌 Part 2 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 3 Structure

📌 Part 3 Sample Analysis & Practice

📌 Part 4 Structure

📌 Part 4 Sample Analysis & Practice

Module 7

The Speaking paper

📌 About Paper 4

📌 Part 1 Strategy & Sample Answers

📌 Part 2 Strategy & Sample Answers

📌 Part 3 Strategy & Sample Answers

📌 Part 4 Strategy & Sample Answers

📌 Paper 4 Analysis & Practice

Module 8

Content review — Grammar & Language for the exam | Revise the language and grammar content you need to get the most out of your studies.


📌 Collocations

📌 Negotiating & Giving opinion

📌 Organizational Patterns

📌 Phrasal Verbs

📌 Prepositions

📌 The Intrusive /r/

📌 Word Classes & Affixes

…other lessons to be added!

Module 9

Approaching your final destination

📌 Cambridge mock tests

📌 Ideas to have a sound exam day

📌 Continuous Professional Development for teachers — what’s next?


The Explorers Crew WhatsApp group with direct access to me | FOR FREE

A place for exchange & development through weekly exam content and challenges.

One monthly live class | R$1.200,00+ FOR FREE

A live class every month for a year to explore the productive skills for the exam (Speaking & Writing) — it's your chance to be with me live for practice and feedback.

Extra module: Park here | R$1.000,00+ FOR FREE

All of the previous live recordings the Explorers have had ever since May 2023 will be there for you to watch as well as the following ones.

And you’ll have access to all of this for 365 days!

What Explorers say about their experience with our preparatories:

Their results say it all!

Explorer’s Roadmap to C1

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7-day guarantee

We respect your right of repentance. Which is why, up to 7 days after your purchase, you can ask for your money back, which will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

Who’s the tutor?

Daniela Lorenzo has been an English teacher for over 10 years. She is the founder of Explore Your English and is passionate about language learning, the learning process and Cambridge exams.

This is so true that, on top of having the CAE and CPE (among other teaching certificates), she is also a Cambridge Assessment Specialist and her school is an official Cambridge Qualifications Preparation Center.

She aims at guiding teachers to achieve their dreams through their C1 Advanced certification and their Continuous Professional Development.


As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the link to create your login and password to access the platform and start your studies.

All of the main modules will be available for you as soon as you join the course.

After one week of your purchase, you will be able to have access to the Extra module and watch the recordings of past extra live classes too!

As the course is self-paced, it is not possible to say how long you will take to finish it. The time it takes for you to be well-prepared for teh exam will vary according to your level of English, your routine and time available to focus on your studies (you’ll learn how to measure your level and how to set up an effective and realistic preparation in Module 2: Preparing for your Journey).

Generally speaking, three months is enough time for someone with consolidated advanced English skills to be prepared for the exam. 
But don’t worry: your access will be active for one year, so you can rewatch the lessons as many times as you want!

The lessons from Modules 1 to 9 are all recorded for you to watch whenever you can. Through the Explorers Crew WhatsApp group you will have access to the monthly live class, which is also recorded and added to the extra Module, Park here, so you can revisit it or watch it in case you couldn’t be there live.

Your access to the platform and the WhatsApp group is guaranteed for 365 days.

Of course! Whenever you’re in doubt, you can leave your questions in the comment section of the lesson in the platform and I will personally reply to it.

I am also in the WhatsApp group, sharing weekly content and replying to all of the comments/questions the Explorers have written. And rest assured that I will be there with you in the extra live lessons, sharing invaluable content and feedback.

You can pay by PIX or credit card.

If you need help with the content, just leave your question in the comments of the lesson or use the Telegram group to talk to me. If you need help with other topics, you can send an email to

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